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             Every pious Muslim knows thar wahabism is the enemy of  Islaam. The only barrier to the unity of Muslim Ummah is  the cancer of Wahabbism. The history of Wahhabism has been a history of killings, plunders, hared, intolerance, extremism and violence. Renowned American Muslim journalist and author Stephen Suleyman Schwartz diagnoses it as the syphilis of Islaam.

                             STEPHEN  SULEYMAN  SCHWARTZ  WRITES

                "I have written and spoken in the past of Wahhabism, the Saudi state
cult, as a cancer within Islam. I have lately perceived a better
parallel. Stalinism was once called "the syphilis of the labor
movement." Wahhabism, the ideology that inspires al-Qaida and
Zarqawi, is the syphilis of Islam.

Nevertheless, there is good news: syphilis may be cured. But the
patient requires medicines and a renunciation of corrupt habits that
lead to infection.

American Islam requires the medicine of pluralism and the
renunciation of the corruption represented by Saudi/Wahhabi money.

Otherwise it faces the dementia that characterizes the final stages
of syphilis.

Nothing could better illustrate the impact of the Wahhabi illness on
Islam than the verdict against 41-year old Ali al-Timimi, who was
convicted Tuesday, April 26, in a North Virginia court, of inciting
terrorism in the aftermath of September 11.

Al-Timimi, a U.S. citizen by birth, an Iraqi by ethnic background,
and a student of Islam in the Wahhabi kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is an
unsurpassable poster boy for the Wahhabi lobby that dominates
American Islam. News accounts have grossly exaggerated his
significance, comparing him to a "rock star" and granting him
an "international following." In reality, al-Timimi was an obscure
figure, along with the rest of the Virginia Jihad Network, of which
he was the alleged spiritual leader until their arrests in 2003.

As revealed at his website,, al-Timimi has
scientific training, having "received his doctorate in computational
biology [from George Mason University], on the topic of `Chaos and
Complexity in Cancer.'" His attraction to the crazy "end-times"
theology of the Wahhabis reflects a notable phenomenon: many
professionally and scientifically educated individuals in the Muslim
umma are attracted to extremism. This is, to emphasize, a symptom of
intellectual instability, not of the impact of one's technical

In a 2003 e-mail, al-Timimi described the U.S. space shuttle disaster
as "a good omen: promising that "Western supremacy (especially that
of America) that began 500 years ago is coming to and end, God
willing." Exultation at the shuttle disaster would hardly seem normal
in a man of science no less that religion.

With the inflated ego typical of Wahhabis, al-Timimi claims to
be "one of the few Muslim experts in the U.S. in the field of Islamic
Theology and Philosophy." This assertion reflects the Wahhabi claim
that they alone are Muslims, to say nothing of the cult's contempt
for non-Muslim experts and scholars.

Those of us who were victims of harassment by the chief activist in
al-Timimi's group, Randall "Ismail" Royer, now serving a 20-year
federal prison sentence, knew extremely well that something was going
on, but we could not know the extent of their activities,
notwithstanding their meager numbers.

But, most important, there are hundreds more al-Timimis, possibly
thousands, in America and Canada. Al-Timimi embodies Wahhabism at its
worst, as a systematic organizer and agitator for violence and
extremism. Islam teaches that the first responsibility of the Muslim
is to protect the security and prosperity of the believer's own
family and other members of the community. Al-Tamimi's actions –
recruiting from U.S. soil for armed defense of the Taliban regime in
Afghanistan and terror in Kashmir; teaching that the space shuttle
explosion was a sign of divine disfavor to the republic of which he
was a born citizen; preaching the imminence of the "end times" – do
not secure the safety of American Muslims. These actions greatly
endanger American Islam, as they put all Americans at risk.

Royer, for his part, already told his hometown paper, the St. Louis
Post-Dispatch, in 2003, that while he was employed by the Wahhabi
lobby's direct-action arm, the Council for American-Islamic Relations
(CAIR), he followed the counsel of al-Timimi and fled the U.S. for
Bosnia after September 11th. But the Balkan republic was not to his
liking; its Islam is too Western, something Wahhabis cannot abide.
Royer was soon back in Washington, dedicated full-time to schmoozing
on the Hill, recruitment for terror in the Indian subcontinent and
the harassment of peaceful and loyal citizens and residents. Bosnia
was well rid of him.

Adventurist elements such as al-Timimi, with their community and
religious influence over Islam in North America, have turned the
faith into a seditious conspiracy, inciting war on the country that
has nurtured and protected them: the United States. But the religion
of Muhammad, especially in its Sunni form, has always hated sedition.
Muslims living in America are required to obey the laws of the United
States and to avoid and denounce terrorist incitement and activism
whether it is found in the mosque, school, or community bureaucracy.
This is a matter of the security of themselves and their loved ones,
and of Islamic law.

Bosnian Muslims survived the horror of the Balkan wars of the 1990s,
with hundreds of thousands of dead, tens of thousands of rape
victims, and thousands of destroyed mosques, but with their Islamic
spirituality and conscience intact. They did this because they were
firm in their commitment to civility with their non-Muslim neighbors
and acceptance of the legal norms of the West. Their Islamic leaders
do not brand non-Muslims "unbelievers" (much less "infidels," a term
the Christian origin of which is revealed by its Latin roots.) They
were tested by atrocities and horrors, and were forced to fight for
their lives. But these Muslim teachers accept peace and preach
peace. In all my time with them I have never heard the term "jihad"
pass their lips.

By contrast, Wahhabis like al-Timimi are not religious leaders, any
more than the Atlanta "Christian" terrorist Eric Rudolph is a
religious apostle, and their activities cannot and will not be
shielded by the U.S. Constitution.

 Until American Muslims organize to strike down the Wahhabi domination
of their schools and mosques, the antireligious program of
indoctrination by the Saudi-backed fanatics will threaten the safety
of all Americans, but especially of Muslims. Time is running out, and
the illness requires an emergency cure.

American Islam must be as American as any other faith, or it is
doomed. Let al-Timimi be sentenced, and let him use his imprisonment
to ponder how he has betrayed his fellow-Muslims by luring them into
the trap of extremism, lawlessness, and crime. Better that he had
studied the ailments within Islam than a computer model of cancer.
Islam is a religion of laws, and by its authentic and traditional
laws al-Timimi must be punished to the maximum by the government of
his country of birth, the United States."

         May  Allah save us from the fitna of Wahabi-Kharizis.

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