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       Countless Non-Muslim big guns , charmed by the beauty of Islaam , abandoned their former religion and embraced Islaam. Salahaddin  Boart  of America is one of them. He explains why he accepted Islaam in the following words :

In 1338 [1920 C.E.], I was in the waiting-room of a doctor’s

office where I had gone for a medical examination, when I saw

two magazines printed in London, namely ‘Orient Review’ and

‘African Times’. As I was skimming through them I read a

statement that said, “There is only one God,” which impressed

me deeply. Christianity dictated three gods, which we were

compelled to believe although we could never explain it to our

own minds. From that time on, that statement, “There is only

one God,” never left my mind. This holy and sublime belief,

which Muslims bear in their hearts, is an invaluable treasure.

Now I grew more and more deeply interested in Islam. By

and by, I decided to become a Muslim. After embracing Islam I

assumed the name Salâhaddin. I believed in the truth that Islam

is the truest religion. For Islam is based on the fact that Allâhu

ta’âlâ does not have a partner and that Allah, alone, has the
authority to forgive sins. How compatible this law is with the

laws of nature! In a field, on a farm, in a village, in a city, in a

school, in a government, in a state and, in short, everywhere,

there is one single ruler. Dualism has always brought about


The second proof that showed me the fact that Islam is the

truest religion was that the Arabs, who had been leading a

completely barbarous life before Islam, had developed into the

world’s most civilized and the most powerful state in a very

short time and carried the most ideal concepts of love of

mankind from the Arabian deserts all the way up to Spain, and

all this was owing to Islam. The Muslim Arabs had found Arabia

as a wilderness. And they cultivated it into a rose-garden. John

W. Draper (1226 [1811 C.E.]-1299 [1882 C.E.]), an honest

historian, in his book ‘The Intellectual Development of Europe’,

enlarges on the extremely great and important part that Islam
played in the development of contemporary civilization, and

adds, “Christian historians, on account of the grudge they have

been nursing against Islam, try to cloak this truth and cannot

seem to get themselves to acknowledge how indebted

Europeans are to Muslims.”

The following passage is (the paraphrase of) an excerpt

from Draper’s writings on how Muslims found Spain:

“Europeans of that time were completely barbarians.

Christianity had proved short of delivering them from barbarism.

They would still be looked on as wild people. They lived in filth.

Their heads were full with superstitions. They did not even have

the ability to think properly. They lived in roughly-made huts. A

rush mat laid on the floor or hanging on the wall was the sign of

great wealth. Their food consisted of vegetables like wild beans

and carrots, some oats and, sometimes, even barks. In the

name of garments, they wore untanned animal hides because

they lasted longer, and therefore they stank awfully.”
“Cleanliness was the very first thing that Muslims taught

them. Muslims washed five times daily, which caused these

people to wash at least once a day. Later on, they took the

stinking, tattered, lice-infested animal hides off their backs,

dumped them, and gave them their own garments, which had

been made from textures woven with coloured threads. They

taught them how to cook, and how to eat. They built houses,

mansions and palaces in Spain. They established schools and
hospitals. They instituted universities, which in the course of

time became sources of light illuminating the entire world. They

improved horticulture everywhere. The country was soon awash

with rose and flower gardens. Gaping in astonishment and

admiration, the uncivilized Europeans watched all these

developments, and gradually began to keep pace with the new


Educating so wild a nation; imbuing them with sentiments of

civilization; rescuing them from the depths of darkness,

nescience and superstitions; all these inconceivably

tremendous tasks were accomplished by the Arabs owing only

and only to the Islamic religion. For the Islamic religion is the

most genuine religion. Allâhu ta’âlâ helped them for their

The Islamic religion, commanded by Allâhu ta’âlâ and taught

and publicized by Muhammad ‘alâihis-salâm’, and the Qur’ân

al-kerîm, which is the Word of Allâhu ta’âlâ, changed the course

of the world’s history and freed it from the fetters of darkness.

Had it not been for the Islamic religion, humanity would not

have attained the present heights of civilization, nor would

knowledge and science be in such advanced levels today.

Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’ states,
“Even if knowledge is in

(go and) acquire it.” This is the Islamic religion which I

accepted willingly. (Why Did They Become Muslims: pages; 28-30). Pulished by


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